Toppbox For Men : A Review


Toppbox provide an Essentials for the Modern Man subscription box service.

Lucky little blogger that I am, Toppbox have sent me a sample box to determine if it would make a good Father or Husband or Bloke gift.

A little confession. Up until I got this box, I didn’t pursue any particular skin care or special cleansing rituals. I was a shower gel and deodorant guy, and that was all I really did skin-wise.

I did look for something for my ever deepening eyebags a couple of weeks ago, but after getting confused by what was on offer in Boots, I just let the whole idea slide.


So, what’s in the box….

Friendly Soaps Vegan Charcoal Detox Bar

Woah. I like this.


Vegan is good, obviously, and the rosemary and lime oils give this soap an air of being a bit of a treat. It lathers up really well and promises the advantages of toxin absorbing activated charcoal. This is a good start.

Christopher Courtney London Gentle De Puff Eye Serum

So, this is apparently what I should have been picking up for those old eye bags. It contains ginseng, arnica extract and some other scientific stuff, and says it will ‘help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes’. Having used it a few times now, morning & night, it certainly looks like it’s doing some good. My skin feels and looks like it’s in better condition, which I guess is the whole point. Job done!

Eden Perfumes No. 168 Invictus Man, Woody Aquatic


Again, a vegan product. Citrus, woody and jasmine aromas combine rather nicely. This is refreshing but has a masculine depth. Admirable.

White Rabbit Skin Care Vegan Blossom and Aloe Vera Toner

This is a face toner for rejuvenating skin. Out of all the products, this is the one that I didn’t really get. I think you need to have a proper skin cleansing process up and running to get the most out of this. It alternatively worked as a refreshing “facial spritz” for quick pick-me-up, which I did enjoy. Like splashing flower water in your face.

Balla for Men Body Powder, Tingle Formula

I’m loving this. I haven’t used talc since I was a kid in the 70s. This Italian blend not only smelled great, but made me feel awesome. This is my favourite thing in the box. It left me refreshed and feeling good. More please!

We are Tea, Sencha Green Tea

Full of anti-oxidants, green tea has ingredients which are linked to cutting the risk of cancer. I could get used to this. The taste is one which may require a couple of cups to adapt to, but the benefits are obvious. Very nice!


Going through the box was an interesting experience. I found some products which I genuinely fell for, which I would never have otherwise encountered if it wasn’t for Toppbox. It felt like a good thing, treating myself in a way that a lot of old-school blokes probably wouldn’t even think of doing.

Toppbox has a number of different box choices.


If you are looking to pamper a bloke / dad in your life, Toppbox is a very good option!

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