Tipple Box

Tipple Box

Tipple Box are a cocktail subscription service who, since December 2014, have been putting together classy cocktail recipes and posting them to lucky so and so’s.

Scotland’s own Sonny Charles started up Tipple Box and it’s clear from a few emails with the chap that he’s incredibly passionate about the business. But does this passion translate into a quality product?

Cocktail Subscription

First things first, the box looks the business. You can picture a servant handing this box to Jay Gatsby, such is it’s elegance. Class. The contents are well packaged and plentiful.

Tipple Box Tipple Box

What you can see is all the ingredients to make this month’s cocktails, which are both gin based. The rather straightforward Greyhound, and the more ornate Hedgerow Cosmo. I decided to document my attempts to make the latter.

Tipple Box

You are supplied with the mixers, which is not as obvious a move as you’d think. I’ve had cocktail boxes before that didn’t include them, which was a downer, so extra points for Tipple Box here. Two different types of gin (sloe and raspberry), blackberry sugar syrup and a cranberry mixer.

Tipple Box

The method is simple. Shake them together over ice, then strain into a glass. Stick a raspberry in if you have it, then sip and enjoy. Even I – a hamfisted, cocktail novice – managed to produce something rather delicious and attractive with no bother.

Tipple Box

Pretty big drink, and there’s enough for two of these. I have to tell you, it was delicious. I’ve sampled cocktail boxes before and found the results almost undrinkable, but this was genuinely tasty. I could get used to this.

Batch Spirits Subscription

Tipple Box explain : “We work with small batch distilleries to bring you premium spirits. Each month we allow you to enjoy three 5cls of exciting new spirits through our small-batch spirit discovery club.”

It’s a great idea. There’s a multitude of companies offering you a chance to discover a selection of craft beers every month. Tipple Box are translating that idea to spirits. Again, it’s all done with beautiful presentation.

Tipple Box

Tipple Box Tipple Box

Three gins this month from Williams. It’s the very first month that they’ve offered this service so it’s quite exciting to see where this leads and what they discover for us.

Tipple Box

Whether you would buy this as a gift or as a way of discovering new spirits for yourself, you’re not going to end up disappointed.

As far as I’m concerned, Tipple Box have nailed it. Their cocktails are exquisite, their presentation is flawless and their choices are wonderful. From my experience, they’re the best cocktail subscription service.

The cocktail subscription starts at £24 per month, but you get a reduction if you subscribe for longer. The spirit service is a unbelievably reasonable £15 per month, again with reductions for longer subscriptions.

This post originally appeared on Looking for the Postman.


  1. Avatar
    Michelle Ptak
    10th June 2016

    I am currently trying different variants on making fruity vodka … but would love to try some that has already been made with different flavours.

  2. Avatar
    11th June 2016

    My favourite spirit at the moment is brandy, I like some peppermint with it and would like to try new mixers.

  3. Avatar
    Sam McKean
    25th June 2016

    I love rum and would love to try lots of different types (hic)

  4. Avatar
    Nicki Simpson
    27th June 2016

    I’d live to get to know gin a little better, it’s a sophisticated drink and I have never given it much of a chance

  5. Avatar
    Teresa sheldon
    30th June 2016

    When I was Young I hated giin the smell and taste yuk but as I’ve got older I really appreciate it and can tell the difference between the 3 brands I’ve tried I know there are a lot of different gins out there and I’d like to experiment and try them at some point., obviously not all together

  6. Avatar
    Debra Winfield
    30th June 2016

    I love Gin and love finding (& trying…obviously) new Gins I love some of the handcrafted varieties I have found. I also enjoy trying different mixers with the Gins too, One Gin can taste totally different with a different mixer!

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