The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber are a subscription company that offer boxes of goodies to help you have the perfect shave.

With an eye on the perfect Father’s Day present, I was sent a box from The Personal Barber to check out what such a gift would provide.

The Personal Barber

The box contained a sturdy safety razor and a beautiful shaving brush to get you up and running.

The Personal Barber

It also contained some top quality consumables and detailed advice. This included:

Ach Brito Lime Glycerin Pre-Shave Soap

This traditional, Portuguese, long-lasting soap has that distinct glycerine smell. The slickness it leaves on the face makes a perfect bed for the shaving lather to be applied onto.

Astra Superior Platinum and Perma-Sharp Super Replacement Blades

Russian razor blades, no less. The Superior give you 3 – 6 shaves to practice your technique, then it’s onto the Perma-sharps which last longer.

Norse Bergamot Shaving Soap

The Personal Barber

You’re not using cans of shaving foam here. The authentic shaving experience involves using the brush to lather up your own foam on your face, in your hand or in a bowl. The bergamot scent adds to the experience with its light, refreshing smell. It’s lathers up a treat so that even a brush beginner like me can get a decent foam going.

FOLS For Men Cedarwood and Neroli Facial Moisturiser

Made in the UK, but Portuguese by design, this all natural moisturiser is easily absorbed and has a pleasing cedarwood scent. Simply massage into your face and neck and you’ve done your skin a massive favour!

The Personal Barber

The guidance that comes in the box gives lots of details about the products within along with detailed advice on how to achieve that perfect shave.


Up until I got this box, my shaving routine was pretty much disposable razors and canned shaving foam, shaving blind in the shower. This box has changed that completely.

The whole shaving experience is now very different. The smells of the quality products are very satisfying. The process of making foam from the soap and applying with the brush is more pleasing that squirting it out of a can. It’s more personal. More enjoyable.

The end result is a shave that’s far closer than the disposables could achieve. I have quite a heavy growth, but it still feels like a fresh shave the next day. I’m completely converted. I can’t go back to taking less care of my face having experienced this way of shaving. I am very impressed.

The Personal Barber subscription model is like this:

The Personal Barber

Would this make a good Father’s Day present? Absolutely! It screams quality, and practically tells the fella to go and spend some time treating himself. Highly recommended!

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