Springuru – Spring Load Your Feet


Springuru set out to create a ‘feel good’ shoe that put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

They began life on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, where their successful campaign resulted in hundreds of backers from 23 different countries around the world pre-ordering their own pair of Springurus.


So, apart from being a good looking shoe, what is so special about Springuru? This video should make it all clear….

How cool is that? Mattress spring technology inside your shoes!

The kickstarter target was met and the designs of the shoes have taken their final form, as the pictures above and below show.


I was sent a pair of Springuru, in ‘grey suede and silver ballistic nylon, with a speckled midsole’. Smart looking shoes, in other words.

The soles of the shoes did indeed pay testament to the mattress in design. What I was really interested in was testing out the difference those 34 springs would make.

The shoes themselves are cosy and comfortable all the way round. They’re cushioned and thick soled. (For someone who’s only 5′ 6.5″, the little boost is more than welcome!) Even with two pairs of socks on, which is customary on the West of Scotland, the shoes still fit well.

Springuru Springuru

The effect of the springs may be psychological, but it’s my opinion that walking in Springurus gives more of an airy feel than regular shoes. I guess the springs make it so some of the energy you use in walking is returned on the upward part of the step. It’s a more economical way to travel as well as being a unique, light, walking experience.

My favourite pair of shoes I’ve ever had were an old pair of Vans. These are just as comfortable and remind me of them. If you know me, you’ll know that is high praise indeed.

I would recommend Springurus. The quality is evident and, as far as I’m concerned, the research into the spring soles has worked.

Springuru shoes are for men or women. They come in slip-on style (£75), lace-up (£95) and also in caramel brown leather (£125).

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