A Man Called What?

A Man Called Grant

Blogging is a weird beast. Blogging is even weirder if you’re covering stuff from prostate problems to child board game reviews.

I ran a successful blog for five years called Looking for the Postman, and that’s basically what it did. As a ‘dad’ blog, I was writing about family issues, booze, men’s health stuff, kid’s video games – you get the picture. 

It was a very mixed bag, which made it a challenge to set the tone. When an article about a Macallan single malt sits next to a feature on a child’s outdoor play tent, you have to ask if you’re spreading yourself a bit thin.

A Man Called Grant

My girls were also reaching the age where they wanted to do stuff themselves. How many children nowadays don’t want to be a YouTuber? So, I let them. Let the girls do the kid’s stuff, and that will leave dad to write about the bloke stuff. That’s what we did.

The girls now have their own YouTube channel and website writing about what they want to cover (with some added parent articles). 

A Man Called Grant

Which leaves me to do the bloke stuff unfettered. And that is where A Man Called Grant came from.

So what does the future hold? 

Well, I’m 47, but definitely act and feel a lot younger. I’ll continue to indulge and publish about beer, whisky and wine. I’ll be scribbling about food & cooking. If I ever get of my butt and lose weight, then I’ll document that too. Since I’ve moved house and now have a huge garden, that’s going on the website. General man stuff.

In short, if I get an ache in my balls, then you’ll be the first to hear about it, and I’m sure that’s exactly what you need in your life.

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    30th March 2020

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